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Weekly UGC Inspo: Strategy Mobile Game

Weekly UGC Inspo: Strategy Mobile Game

We had to play Top Troops - Socialpoint/Zynga's latest game launch.

Here are some thoughts on how they could use actors in their UA creatives.

⚔️ Game summary: Top Troops is a fantasy RPG game that combines merge mechanics with idle battles, allowing players to assemble and upgrade a diverse army for strategic warfare.

🔄 1. Merging focus: Upgrading tactics
A frustrated player asks their friend “WHAT! How do you have such POWERFUL troops so early in the game?!”. The friend explains the benefits of merging troops to make them stronger.

🍲 2. Funny skit: Merge husband
A woman is playing Top Troops, completing some merges. Her husband brings her a plain-looking dinner and she looks disappointed. She picks him up, places him in the game and merges him to create a version wearing a chef’s outfit. He pops out of the game and cooks a delicious meal.

🪖 3. Strategy focus: Troop selection
Create videos with strong hooks which focus on the pros and cons of different troop types. E.g. “This character in Top Troops is BROKEN and here’s why!” and “Use the King like this to win EVERY battle in Top Troops”. Try testing positive vs negative hooks.


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