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5 Ways to Use Testimonials in Your Mobile Ads

5 Ways to Use Testimonials in Your Mobile Ads

Every performance marketer should factor user-generated content into their 2023 creative testing strategy (here are some reasons why).

But how can you make the most out of the UGC you’ve purchased?

As with all aspects of creative marketing, the way you add UGC to a video ad can have a huge impact on that ad’s performance. Often it isn’t enough to test only one or two execution styles: to maximise your chances of success you should aim to test each piece of content in a range of ways.

Here are some of our favourite ways to use UGC testimonials in your mobile game ads.

1. Add a testimonial to the corner of your gameplay

Take a new or existing gameplay ad (this could be your existing top-performer), and show a creator giving a testimonial in the corner. This UGC clip stays in the corner throughout, like it might in a TikTok.

Test idea: to discover which creator works best for you, create multiple versions, each with a different creator speaking the same script.

2. Show a testimonial full-screen, then transition to gameplay after 3s

Taking up the entire screen with a creator completely changes the look of your ad. Show them for up to 3 seconds, then move the creator to the corner whilst you transition to gameplay.

3. Use the testimonial as a voiceover only

Sometimes viewers just want to watch the gameplay, but may benefit from the testimonial’s audio too.

Test idea: try running versions with and without subtitles to see if these impact performance in any way.

4. Alternate between the testimonial and gameplay

Changing to and from UGC and gameplay clips every few seconds creates a dynamic ad which viewers may find more engaging.

Test idea: whether you start with the gameplay or UGC could have a large impact, so test both these approaches.

5. Show multiple creators in the same video

All of the videos discussed above could be made using multiple creators in a huge variety of combinations. Check out this blog for a few more ideas about testing different actors.


If you've read this far, you deserve some bonus ideas for UGC creative tests. In no particular order:

  • Show the testimonial full-screen, with a gameplay clip in the corner (the reverse of idea #1)
  • Choose a creator with a green screen background, and test a variety of backgrounds - a bedroom, park, underwater, in space etc.
  • Increase or decrease the pitch of the creator's voice to make them sound silly
  • Move and rotate the creator around the screen throughout the ad


Ready to get started? Take a look at our ready-to-use mobile gaming testimonials which can be downloaded and used in your ads instantly!

Or, get in touch to see how Babblestock can support your bespoke UGC needs.

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