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Weekly UGC Inspo: Weather Mobile App

Weekly UGC Inspo: Weather Mobile App

In preparation for an upcoming mountain race, I've been using the Clime: Weather Radar app by developer Apalon to help me throughout my training.

Here are some ideas for UGC ads they could test in their UA campaigns...

🌦️ App Summary
Clime delivers accurate weather forecasts and real-time radar images. Subscribers gain additional benefits: severe weather alerts for multiple locations, a hurricane tracker and an hourly forecast that spans up to 14 days.

🌆 1. Lifestyle: Vacation planning
Show a creator packing for a trip, with the hook: “Help me pack for a city break with the Clime weather app”. Show them referring to the app as they choose their outfits.

⚡️ 2. Features highlight: Weather warning
A couple prepares for an outing on a bright, sunny day. The woman gets a Clime alert: it will rain in 30 seconds! She grabs an umbrella and warns her partner, but the partner just laughs. They step outside and it starts pouring. The woman stays dry, but her partner gets soaked.

🌞 3. Engaging hooks: Pain points
Show some engaging hooks which appeal to users’ pain points, followed by a summary of the app. For example, “Do NOT step outside until you’ve downloaded this app”, “Use this app and you’ll NEVER get sunburn again!” and “Your vacation planning starts with the Clime app!”

Bonus idea: Use one concept to A/B test a range of different outdoor occasions to find one which out-performs the others: city breaks, public celebrations, Super Bowl parties, beach or hiking trips, etc.


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