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Weekly UGC Inspo: Hybrid-Casual Shooter Mobile Game

Weekly UGC Inspo: Hybrid-Casual Shooter Mobile Game

I played Mr Autofire by Lightheart Entertainment this weekend.

These are some user-generated content ads I’d love to see them test...

🔫 Game summary
Mr Autofire is a hybrid-casual arcade shooter where players must battle evolving hordes of enemies. As they progress through increasingly-difficult levels, players choose upgrades which give them new skills or boosts to their health and firepower.

🤓 1. Gameplay focus: Strategies
Show gameplay recordings and overlay creators discussing game tactics, with hooks like “Why you should ALWAYS choose the jetpack in Mr Autofire”, “How many times do I have to say this?! Snowball shots beat fire shots EVERY TIME” and “THIS is how you beat flying enemies in Mr Autofire”.

⚡ 2. Themed scene: Real life choices
Show the creator going about their daily routine. They have to choose between boosters which pop up in front of them and alter their situation, e.g. morning energy boost, focus boost at work, etc. They sit down at the end of the day to play Mr Autofire.

😱 3. Stressful focus: Accidental tap
Show a creator playing Mr Autofire - they're visibly stressed with low health. Faced with a choice between health and firepower boosts, they're about to choose health. However, a sudden nudge from a friend/pet causes a mis-tap. The scene ends as they begin to scream.

Bonus idea:
Take your existing top-performing video ad and add a UGC commentary, without altering too much. E.g. “Watch me DESTROY this flying horde in Mr Autofire!”.


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