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Stock video offer: 10% off 5 videos, 20% off 10 videos and 30% off 20 videos. Discount applied automatically.
Stock video offer: 10% off 5 videos, 20% off 10 videos and 30% off 20 videos. Discount applied automatically.

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How can I use Babblestock videos?

Our clips are the perfect way to add creator-made content to your mobile game ads.

There are endless ways to use these videos, but here are some of our favourites...



Add cropped or green-screen creator footage throughout your gameplay clip.

Test ideas: show a variety of creators each reading parts of the same script; change the position of the creator; reaction vs testimonial videos



Switch between creator and gameplay clips every few seconds.

Test ideas: change the backgrounds of the green-screen clips; different genders or ages; change the order of gameplay and creator clips



Add the Babblestock clip as a 3-5s introduction to your ad.

Test ideas: length of the intro; continue the creator's audio as a VO after the intro; use a variety of creators



Use the Babblestock video's audio only, as a voiceover for your ad.

Test ideas: use different accents; change the pitch or speed of the voiceover; test different scripts from the same creator

From our customers...

Babblestock has made it easy to add UGC content to our TikTok ads. We've found testing a diverse mix of actors is essential, and we can now do this effortlessly.

Adam Perrin, Co-Founder

Head Ball 2

Ads with UGC perform well for us so we wanted to scale our efforts. We found some Babblestock videos which fit our audience and had new ads up and running in a day.

Paul West, Founder

Bitcoin Miner: Idle Tycoon

We used Babblestock reaction videos in a client's e-commerce ads to show users acting excitedly about an upcoming product launch. Some iterations achieved +20% higher CTRs.

Harry Fitzgerald, Founder

Octagon Digital

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