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Weekly UGC Inspo: Headway Book Summary Mobile App

Weekly UGC Inspo: Headway Book Summary Mobile App

I love Headway’s UGC strategy on TikTok and Meta 🧠

What is Headway? It's a book summary app which offers key ideas from bestselling books in daily 15-minute sessions.

Headway's marketing team have been BUSY. I saw >2.5k active ads on Meta, and >13k show up on the TikTok library in English and Spanish 😱

What are they doing well?

They’re testing A LOT:

  1. Using multiple hooks from same creator 🔍
  2. Accompanying the UGC with different visuals 🎨
  3. Showing the same UGC in different layouts (split screen vs full screen)
  4. Different “concepts”: book lists vs testimonials vs podcast styles

In the following example videos:

  • A, B and C show the same UGC hook with different layouts & visuals
  • D tests a different hook from the same creator
  • E tests a very different hook from a different creator
  • F uses the same Twitter-style hook layout but gives a testimonial

Many of these are set up as A/B tests (or close), keeping various parts consistent across ads.

This means they can easily determine which elements perform the best, allowing them to optimise future creatives.

It’s so easy to do and you’ll ALWAYS be surprised by the results.

The simplest changes can have huge impacts! 🥊

These examples are a just tiny selection of Headway’s portfolio, but loads of these video ads simply use the same UGC footage in different ways.

Once you’ve found a clip which shows some promise, I challenge you to find 10 more ways to make an ad with it.


Let's chat and I'll show you how.

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