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21 Ways to Iterate on a UGC Ad

21 Ways to Iterate on a UGC Ad

Found a UGC ad which works well, or is showing promise?

If you're running UA campaigns for a mobile game or app, you should already be iterating on your successful video ads.

If you're not iterating, you're not building on your success 🤜

The same applies to UGC.

One of these could easily slash your CPI.


I challenge you to try at least five:

🎬 1. Try the same script with 5 different creators

🎭 2. Ask the same creator to produce “authentic” and “cringey” versions

⏱️ 3. Increase the speed by 20% (slow ads are boring)

😂 4. Increase or decrease the voice’s pitch to make it sound silly

🕺 5. Make the subtitles more funky

❓ 6. If the hook is making a statement, change it to a question (and vice versa)

🔄 7. Alternate every 3 seconds between showing the creator and product full-screen

🧹 8. Remove the creator’s background (you can use AI tools like Unscreen)

🗣 9. Remove the creator but keep their voice as a VO

🖼 10. Put them in a square in the corner

🐦 11. Try a Twitter post layout

🌍 12. Localise the script in other languages

🎨 13. Animate an AI illustration using the creator’s voice (with their permission)

💬 14. Add a TikTok comment UI (there’s a free generator online)

⌛ 15. Try 10, 20 and 30-second cuts

🔄 16. Use the same UGC clip for your other titles

📊 17. Add some kind of graph or infographic

💡 18. Chat to Babblestock and we’ll build your killer UGC strategy

🔗 19. Combine 2 creators’ videos to create a compilation

🌐 20. Create a landscape version for other channels (and don’t tell me “UGC is for TikTok”)

📱 21. Try a fake FaceTime layout


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