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Weekly UGC Inspo: Beat Maker Pro Mobile App

Weekly UGC Inspo: Beat Maker Pro Mobile App

Beat Maker Pro (by MWM) is testing UGC iterations the right way 🥁

What are they doing well?

They’ve identified three elements which perform strongly in their video ads:
1️⃣ Using failure as a theme
2️⃣ Executing with a UGC app demonstration and point-of-view angle
3️⃣ Adding colour overlays

But crucially, they’re varying these elements in ways which could SIGNIFICANTLY affect performance.

Some of these are so easy to do and can lead to surprising results 😱

In the examples below, A and B both show a simple failure concept, but use different copy and colouring:


C, D and E are variations on F. They all begin by showing failure as a hook, before the user improves their skill over time. These variations include:
😆 Splitting the screen and adding UGC reactions (C vs F)
🎥 Alternating between showing a full-screen UGC creator and the POV shot (D vs F)
🎨 Changing the colour overlay (E vs F)

We always recommend taking each UGC clip and using it in as many ways as possible. Check out our previous post which gives 20 ideas for iterating on UGC.

What else would I like to see?
- Diverse creators giving testimonials and feature descriptions
- A front view of the creator overlaid onto the POV shot
- Funny sketches which show how the app can be fun or frustrating


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