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Weekly UGC Inspo: The Walking Dead Survivors Mobile Game

Weekly UGC Inspo: The Walking Dead Survivors Mobile Game

The Walking Dead: Survivors has a great approach to UGC.

What are they doing well?

1️⃣ They’re testing a range of concepts
2️⃣ They’re iterating on creators
3️⃣ They’re iterating on scripts and hooks

If you watch the examples below, you’ll notice some key similarities and differences between the videos:


To summarise:
Video A tests a (fake) gameplay playthrough with a focus on strategy which is appealing to more hardcore audiences, and the UGC is shown using a more native green screen overlay
- Video B tests a funny live action scene which gives an overview of characters’ strengths and weaknesses
- Videos C, D, E and F all begin with a hook before giving an overview the game, and all make use of the game’s IP early on

Diving in further:
C and F both begin with the same CGI scene, and similar UGC hooks which imply the viewer was anticipating this game’s launch. They’re basically AB testing the creator here
D tests an alternative hook by showing the creator full screen and a high-energy hook
- D and F both provoke a sense of urgency and exclusivity by telling the user they can download via the video
E and F use the same creator and similar scripts, with slightly different opening lines and accompanying game visuals

Why do they do this?

To build creative learnings which can be used optimise their ongoing strategy.

If it works, do more of it. If it doesn't, try a different approach.

What else would I like to see?

👥 Test a broader range of actors (see some examples of our gaming streamer creators in the comments below).

🎮 Creators demonstrating actual gameplay, with each focusing on a different feature/strategy.

🤯 Add some dramatic gameplay moments as hooks before the actor gives an overview.


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