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How many creators should you use?

How many creators should you use?

Babblestock videos can be combined in many ways to create a range of engaging ads!

Here, we've taken videos using the "General Progression Finally" script produced by our creators Evelyn, Tyler, Christy, Weston and Clara. Our designer quickly spliced them together and threw them over some gameplay to make a single continuous ad.



So, do mixed-creator ads perform better than those using a single creator?


Unfortunately, it's not that simple. There are 3 main variables here which will all impact engagement rates:

  1. The creators used. Do they represent your core audience? Or have you included a diverse mix?
  2. The script used. Does it suit the tone of your game? Which of our themes motivates your players?
  3. The execution of the ad. How have you combined the creators with the gameplay? Are you showing the creator or gameplay within the first three seconds? 

When it comes to performance marketing creatives, there's no single best combination. You might find a winning ad which uses 1, 2, 3 or more creators!

Our recommendation...

Test a range of combinations. Take your existing top-performing ad, choose 3-5 Babblestock creators, and make a variety of ads:

  • Separate ads showing 1 creator each
  • An ad showing all the creators together, like in our example
  • Variations of this, with the creators shown in different orders
  • Ads which use the Babblestock clip as a voice over only
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