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5 Gamer Pain Points + 15 UGC Hooks Which Address Them

5 Gamer Pain Points + 15 UGC Hooks Which Address Them


Finding the perfect mobile game can be a challenge. Many enthusiasts are on the lookout for a gaming experience that ticks all the right boxes. In this blog post, we'll delve into five common problems faced by gamers and how user-generated content (UGC) can effectively address them.

1. Repetitive and Unchallenging Gameplay

Problem: Players often lose interest quickly due to repetitive and unchallenging gameplay.

Solution: Emphasise unique gameplay mechanics, strategies, and progression pathways.

UGC Hooks:

  • "Using the laser bomb is the ONLY way to complete level 8!"
  • "Hardest puzzle games on the app store, part 2"
  • "Bored of the same old mobile games? You’ve GOT to check this out."

2. Theme Appeal

Problem: Players are on the lookout for themes that cater to their interests, hobbies, and preferences. Games that don't resonate can easily be dismissed.

Solution: Intrigue viewers with relatable drama, adorable characters, or other elements that complement the core game.

UGC Hooks:

  • "If you’re a creative person you NEED to check out this game."
  • "I think my boyfriend is CHEATING on me and I’m about to confront his co-worker."
  • "I just bred my 100th puppy and LOOK how cute she is!"

3. Time Spent in Onboarding/Ads

Problem: Lengthy load times, frequent ads, and extended onboarding sessions disrupt the gaming experience, making it hard for players to immerse themselves.

Solution: Hooks that emphasise a quick 'time-to-play' and an uninterrupted, immersive experience can be a game-changer.

UGC Hooks:

  • "I HATE mobile games with tons of ads, but THIS is different!"
  • "You can literally play this game ANYWHERE."
  • "This is the BEST puzzle game to play on the toilet."

4. Pay-to-Win vs Skill-Based Games

Problem: Paywalls and pay-to-win mechanics can deter users, especially those looking for games where skill truly matters.

Solution: Highlight the game's skill-based rewards and its fair progression system, reassuring players that in-app purchases won't determine success.

UGC Hooks:

  • "My grandma is a GENIUS - she just reached level 3000!"
  • "Best games to play if you’re BROKE."
  • "Game developers can be GREEDY for your money! But check this out."

5. Lack of Social Interaction

Problem: Games without social interaction and competitive elements can feel isolating, making the experience less engaging.

Solution: Showcasing the game's player-vs-player features, team challenges, or social sharing options can emphasise the community and competitive aspects.

UGC Hooks:

  • "If my roommate beats me at this game, I’ve got to cook her dinner EVERY day this week!"
  • "I’m teaming up with my DAUGHTER to DESTROY my wife’s castle."
  • "I’m top of this leaderboard and there’s NO WAY my friends will knock me off it."

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